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***We have several important announcements. please read the following:

  1. As was previously announced, our exclusives for Mandalorian 2, 3 and 4 have been cancelled. We have, however, arranged with the shop that took over the Duursema #4 to purchase a % of that run. So we will still be honoring all orders for the Duursema #4. people who purchased 2 and 3 will have the option of a #4 replacement, store credit, or a refund.
  2. Our Mandalorian 1 John McCrea virgin variants have a printing error. There is a green ink spot to the left of his gun that is not on the artwork or the trade dress. Marvel is reprinting our entire run of virgin variants. Customers who have already received this “green dot” error can contact us for a replacement, or keep the one they have. We have decided to destroy 750 of the remaining green dot variants, and 250 of the new correct books. There will be 250 of the green dot variants out there, vs 750 of the correct art. The new books are scheduled to arrive along with the Mandalorian 1 2nd print (they reprinted mine at the same time), on the 8/31.
  3. The vast majority of our Mandalorian 1 1:25 have printing defects. We shipped a bunch before it was noticed. There are subtle creases on the back cover that you can only see shining light across them. We have over 100 damaged here, and only a small number undamaged, so if you bought one from us, there’s a good chance its damaged. Please check. We do have a limited number of replacements, but being a ratio, Marvel could not replace our damaged ones. so once we’re out of replacements, you can get a store credit or refund.
  4. Since we did not get our Mandalorian 2 exclusive, we also did not get the accompanying ratios. We have a few, and will fill the 1:50 orders in the order we received them. After that we will be offering credit, or refunds.
  5. I thank you for your patience as we had a lot going on here in a very small period of time, and its been a little overwhelming. Rest assured we are doing our best to get everything taken care of and if you have not heard from us yet, you will be in the next couple days.

green dot error